Our services

We will help to define expediency of localization of manufacture in Russia, we will form the correct technical project

Drawing creation and adaptation

Preparation, adaptation of the drawings to Russian requirements, collection inspection


Development of a package of the documentation according to the given technical project (the analysis, the coordination with the customer, 3D-modelling, development of a package of drawings)

Product design

Designing of models and manufacturing of drawings under sketches, removal of sizes from existing samples of products and designs

Equipment adaptation

Analysis of equipment and elaboration of adaptation options for the equipment to be placed, coordination and development of documentation

Adaptation of drawings

Adaptation of foreign production drawings to Russian norms: translation according to GOST requirements, selection of Russian analogues of materials for production

Collectability check

Check of working capacity of all units of a product in the 3D-modelling environment

Catalogue and documentation

Creation of the catalogue of let out products and gathering of the design documentation

ERP implementation

Preparing to implement ERP at the enterprise

Serial Numbering

Creating a system of part numbers

Quality Management System

Create the rules of work and interaction within the enterprise to meet the expectations of the quality of goods or services produced.

About the QMS service

Aims and objectives of the QMS

Identification and satisfaction of customer requirements. Management of interrelated interdependent processes that directly and indirectly affect quality. Appointment of responsible employees, distribution of responsibilities and powers

Advantages of implementation

The QMS improves the efficiency of the enterprise management system, reduces management costs. Employees are more involved and gain an understanding of goals and objectives, which contributes to the improvement of product and work quality.

Project Procurement

Procurement is a key element of the resource management system. Procurement refers to activities designed to provide resources to projects – i.e., goods in relation to a specific project.

Engineering companies and large agricultural holdings successfully use the service of assistance in project purchases.

This step will allow your company to maintain a continuous flow of resources for the timely implementation of its own projects.

Components Import

There are very often cases when Russian-made products do not meet the requirements either technically or financially.

And then manufacturers start asking questions – where and how to buy imported components? How to bring them to the territory of Russia? We know the answers to these and other questions and are ready to provide you with comprehensive services.