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Despite the active import substitution, which gained particular relevance in 2014 after the appeal of the President of the Russian Federation to the Federal Assembly, very often there are cases when Russian-made products do not meet the requirements either technically or financially.

And then manufacturers start asking questions – where and how to buy imported components? How to bring them to the territory of Russia? We know the answers to these and other questions and are ready to provide you with comprehensive services.

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At the planning stage


Determination of components according to the parameters provided by the Customer

Search for suppliers of imported components in accordance with the parameters provided by the customer

Calculation of the purchase cost of imported components

Calculation of the total cost (including shipping and customs clearance costs)

Coordination of the schedule for the shipment of components with a financing schedule and terms when components are needed in Russia

At the stage of legal regulation


Support in signing contracts with suppliers, placing orders, drafting a contract in 2 languages, which is necessary when completing a transaction between parties speaking different languages

Assistance in organizing transportation (on the terms of Incoterms)

Assistance in organizing customs clearance

Organization of claim work

Calculation of the total cost (including shipping and customs clearance costs)

Registration of goods import

How can we help

We offer a full range of services for the preparation of the necessary documentation, export control permits, customs clearance and delivery. As well as assistance in obtaining the necessary certificates and permits

Our competencies

We have a full package of permits and operate strictly within the framework of the current law, which means that we are guaranteed to receive quality services in accordance with the norms and requirements of domestic and international standards.

How is the offer formed?

We offer a full range of logistics and import services to Russia, of any nature and type of cargo. The cost of services depends on the type of the concluded contract, the tasks of the client and the geographical location of the customs

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