Facilities energy efficiency

We will conduct industry benchmarking of pig breeding enterprises in the context of energy consumption in order to identify the potential for improvement.
We have already collected information from 20 enterprises from different climatic zones of Russia from Tomsk to Krasnodar and are ready to benefit the rest of the market participants.

Full diagnostics

We analyze the energy efficiency of all production units of the enterprise to find optimization opportunities

Phased plan

We know how to prepare a step-by-step energy saving action plan and we can implement it with the company's employees

About the service

The topic of energy consumption and energy saving has already become widespread abroad, for example, in Europe, energy projects pay off without government subsidies. Today, many domestic agricultural producers are interested in the issue of energy conservation in the agro-industrial complex. This is becoming relevant in Russia, as energy prices will not go down and renewable energy systems are becoming affordable enough.

For the farrowing area

Average consumption is 403 kWh per year per sow, which is 19 kWh per weaned pig. Here electricity is 70% and heating is 30%.

High precision

Average consumption is 252 kWh per head. Here electricity is still the main source of energy - 86%, compared with 14% for heating.

How we work


First, we carry out free diagnostics, which will help to identify opportunities to reduce the cost price. We compare the indicators of the enterprise with the base of the available indicators of similar sites, taking into account the livestock, type of production, type of heating and other suitable factors

Making changes

Further, we send our specialists who will make the necessary adjustments and conduct additional training for the company’s full-time specialists, regardless of the brand of installed equipment.


Based on the results of the work performed, we provide a detailed report, which also includes recommendations and the calculation of savings from their implementation. Then we can send our expert to implement all the available recommendations.

Customer Reviews

What are our customers saying?

Bobrovsky Meat Processing Plant LLC

The Russian manufacturer OOO Myasokombinat Bobrovsky is the first in terms of production capacity in the meat-processing complex in the Voronezh region, providing its products: pork, beef, sausage and other finished products throughout the central Black Earth region.

Customer’s goal: Reducing the company’s energy costs. Improving the efficiency of the technical service of the meat processing plant.

Что было выполнено:
  • energy audit of an enterprise to optimize costs
  • optimization of costs for the purchase of electricity
  • options for generating its own electricity were developed for the meat processing plant
  • implementation of planning and energy accounting
  • development of a maintenance and repair system
  • optimization of the structure and staff of the technical service of the plant
  • developed KPI of technical service (key performance indicators of the enterprise)
  • assessment of workplaces according to the 5C system

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