Digitalization in maintenance and repair

Management of maintenance and repair of equipment at the enterprise, reducing equipment downtime and clearly planning the budget for the service department. Time-tested.

Does this happen at your company?

At the morning meeting, a task is posed, and at the evening meeting, it turns out that the task has not been completed. There are a million reasons, explanations, compelling reasons. Solid fog. It's nobody's fault. But the result is a failure to meet deadlines, plans, and equipment downtime.

In order to make the work transparent and clear, computer services will help, one of which is the Svisitom program.

How it works

The program has a simple, clear interface for an ordinary user in the form of a diary. The employee sets the task, appoints the person in charge, puts down the date of the work. After the work is completed, the responsible employee reports on the implementation, in a mobile application or on a PC.

If any problems arise, a record is made, which is immediately displayed to all interested persons on a PC and smartphone.

  • there is no need to purchase additional software and equipment.
  • no need for additional user training.

Access control

The program has access control functionality at the enterprise, which displays who, when, where ordered the pass and who approved it. It is also possible to pre-order and agree on passes

High accuracy

Conduct an inventory of equipment, enter the necessary data into the program, put in the electronic library passports and forms for equipment, instructions for maintenance and repair. Schedule equipment repairs and maintenance.

What can you get


Planning the procurement of the necessary consumables and spare parts. Tracking the progress of these works.


The resulting effect from the implementation will be clear, this is the order in the processes and discipline among employees.

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