Quality Management System

An effective quality management system, from raw materials to handling complaints. Absolutely leads to lower production costs and ensures repeat sales.

Easy implementation

Our QMS is easily adaptable to any enterprise

20 years of experience

Our QMS has already been implemented at enterprises and has brought tangible results

About the service

At any enterprise, the moment when the management is forced to reconsider their attitude to the quality of products and the organization of quality control work. Here are some reasons for this:

  • increase in production volumes;
  • requirements and wishes from customers;
  • QMS certification of the enterprise;
  • increased relevance for greater competitiveness.

In this regard, the enterprise has to solve similar problems of staffing the required number of specialists, their training, the development of quality management documentation, the provision of the necessary equipment and the organization of work with complaints.

When it is necessary?


For those who are preparing the release of products for the world market

Market value

To achieve an increase in the value of an organization in the stock market


For those who are planning to attract foreign investment


For those involved in government and corporate procurement


For those who do business with ISO customers


To undergo an assessment of compliance with high European quality and safety standards


To expand competitive advantages, improve the image

ISO standards

For membership in organizations where ISO is required (e.g. SRO)

QMS makes products competitive

and improves company processes

Your customers

They will see your company as a reliable business partner, keeping up with the times and following European quality and safety standards. They will be confident in the consistency of the quality of work and products

Your company

Demonstrates business viability and sustainable development. Receives an effective management and executive staff. Increases profitability by reducing costs.


Technologies with minimal impact on the environment are used. The use of natural resources used in production is minimized

Do you need a diagnostic audit of the enterprise?

We will conduct an on-site audit and offer recommendations for elimination before starting the design of the QMS

The main stages of works


The organization that develops the QMS determines the policy, goals, and commitments in the field of quality. A working group is being formed, which includes specialists from leading production departments. To get started, you must have a special plan for the implementation of the QMS at the enterprise. This plan contains a list of planned works, a description of the results and the timing of their achievement. A typical plan is usually drawn up for 12 months.


A comprehensive analysis of the quality management of products or services at the manufacturing enterprise is carried out. An audit of the management system is carried out, a search for strengths and weaknesses in the field of quality is carried out, a QMS model is being developed. The audit should show how the enterprise documentation meets the minimum requirements and can be used in the QMS. Next, a conceptual model of the enterprise QMS is developed, in which business processes are determined and their organizational and technological block diagrams are created.

Documentation Development

The main QMS documentation is a quality manual, which contains the policy and objectives of the enterprise in the field of quality, the composition of the system and a description of the implementation of all requirements. In addition, documented procedures are needed to coordinate the various activities that ensure the effective functioning of the QMS, as well as quality records.

QMS implementation

At this stage, the personnel of the enterprise are familiarized with the QMS documentation and trained to work in the conditions of the functioning of the quality management system. Since the implementation of the QMS, all departments work according to documented procedures and keep records of the quality of products

QMS certification

The final stage, at which the organization chooses an accredited certification service and concludes an agreement with it. The enterprise submits the necessary package of documents to the certification body

The bottom line

You will receive a working quality management system applied to your business, trained personnel and developed documents for use in future work. The enterprise will be prepared for certification, and production processes and management work in a transparent and harmonious manner.

Is this right for you?

Regardless of the field of its activity, the number of employees and the branch of the economy, any company can implement a QMS. This step will allow your company to confirm the high level of product quality and earn the trust of consumers and partners!

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