Creating a localization strategy

We have created a reliable OEM-network in Russia for the production of equipment for the agro-industrial complex with a minimum investment in tools or with a return on investment no more than 24 months .

Continuous processes

We have learned to adapt products to local production facilities and technologies, without violating the vital parameters of the product.

From plan to implementation

We are ready to help foreign companies with the localization of production in Russia.
We will develop a localization strategy with further implementation, ensuring interests and confidentiality.

Localization strategy

About the service

We have established a quality management system internationally to ensure smooth delivery with minimal claims.
We have implemented an effective complaints management system to satisfy customers and protect the interests of the product owner.

We have done this in the field of agricultural machinery and are ready to provide our portfolio with recommendations from European partners.

Tell us about your company

We are open to questions and ready to discuss possible cooperation.