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Локализация производства: проектные закупки

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Equipment configuration according to specification

Selection of suppliers

Selection of suppliers of Russian and imported equipment


Calculation of procurement and total project cost


From signature in the contract to delivery to the warehouse.


Assistance in organizing transportation


Assistance in organizing customs clearance

Quality Control

Checking supplied equipment quality

Claims handling

Complaint organization

Procurement is one of the main elements of the resource management system

Procurement refers to activities aimed at providing projects with resources – i.e., goods in connection with a specific project. Procurement processes are the most complex in resource management and require careful design

Project procurement management and logistics include the procurement processes for project goods from external vendors. They consist of logistics planning, vendor selection, contracting and management, supply chain management and contract completion

Key milestones


At the stage of planning procurement under a contract, procurement documentation is generated, detailing the procurement process in terms of time, costs, performers, suppliers, contracts, project stages and types of resources. Procurement opportunities are assessed — production indicators, the current workload of potential suppliers in order to send them a request for commercial proposals or to start negotiations with them to conclude a contract

Works at the planning stage

  • Completion of equipment according to the customer’s specifications
  • Selection of suppliers of Russian and imported equipment
  • Calculating the purchase cost of a project
  • Calculation of the total project cost (including transportation and customs clearance costs if necessary)
  • Coordination of the equipment delivery schedule with the financing and construction schedule


At the stage of legal regulation of procurement, the main legal form of organizing relations between procurement participants is a contract, according to which the supplier undertakes to transfer the goods to the ownership of the buyer in due time, and the buyer undertakes to accept the goods and pay for it

Works at the regulation stage

  • Support in signing agreements / contracts with suppliers, ordering
  • Assistance in organizing transportation (including import)
  • Assistance in organizing customs clearance (in case of purchasing imported equipment)
  • Quality control of supplied equipment
  • Organization of claim work
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